Farewell to Christmas

There are two types of Christmas households in my experience; ones that take down the tree and all the decorations on Boxing Day and ones that leave everything up until the last possible moment.

Mine will be up till 5th Jan!

I remember one year I left my tree up for so long it was almost Valentine’s Day when I finally relented. In my defence, I lived in a tiny studio attic flat and getting it up there was a faff in itself! Nowadays I use a rental tree from Cotswold Fir and I couldn’t recommend it enough. You book a tree of your chosen height, (we chose 4ft this year which ended up very wide), then pick it up from a chosen place, or arrange a delivery, then you make sure you water it once a day and give it back before a certain date. They then replant the tree at their farm and look after it for the rest of the year before Christmas comes again.

If you have a real tree that hasn’t come in a pot it’s worth checking on your local council’s website for if/when they are due to pick up your used trees. According to Bristol Council (where I am based) the trees collected are then used to fertilise crops for nearby farms. They will only pick up on one allocated day so do check your own waste websites to make sure you don’t have a browning tree in your front yard for the rest of the year!

You can also keep your old tree for your own garden and use it to help your own plants and wildlife. Gardeners World has some great ideas on what to do including turning it into bark, cutting it up to make a wildlife home and using branches as warmers for your pot plants.

If you like the idea of using your tree in your garden but don’t have the tools, the knowhow, or perhaps the post-Christmas energy to do it, get in touch! I can offer a “tree-using” (geddit?) service for your own garden. Check out my homepage for contact details.

Chop it up and use it in your garden.

Whatever you decide to do with your finished tree, I hope you have a fun-filled 2019 and enjoy reading and learning about my gardening and floristry adventures!