How To Make Your Own Bird Feeders

Until recently, I thought feeding birds in your garden was simply a nice thing to do for the animals in my local area. Of course it is a lovely way to connect to nature,and to quote Blur’s Parklife it does give you a “tremendous sense of wellbeing,” but did you know by feeding birds you’re also contributing to the wider eco-system and helping reduce the use of pesticides?

Later in the week you can catch my article about the benefits of feeding birds and promoting wildlife in your garden, but for today let’s get cracking with a simple fatty feeder for your feathered friends.

You Will Need:

250g (or if you are vegetarian you might want to use veggie suet or coconut oil)

1 bag of loose bird seed

1 saucepan, a hob and a wooden spoon


Cookie cutters (optional)

Pipe cleaners (optional)


1. Melt the lard in your saucepan

2. Once the lard has turned to liquid pour in bird seed and stir so it all becomes coated in lard. I would err on putting in too little seed at first as you can always add in more if needed.

3. The seed should be coated and don’t worry if there is some excess liquid as this will solidify

4. Pour/spoon the bird seed into the cookie cutters, if using, or just in balls on to the tinfoil

5. Leave to set (this may take a couple of hours or you might want to wait till tomorrow

6. When the feeders are set, carefully peel them off the tinfoil and pierce with a pipe cleaner to then hang up, or simply place on your bird table

These seed balls are a great source of fat and protein that the birds particularly need at this time of year. Different types of food attract different types of birds which also eat different types of garden pests. When you have a go, I’d love to see your pictures of your feeders, and even better if you catch any birds tucking in!

Stay tuned for my bird feeding tips and tricks later in the week.

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