Six on Saturday 26th Jan 2019

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I join a community of gardeners who share 6 pictures of their gardens every week courtesy of blogger, The Propagator. After a few weeks of false starts (and I’m even getting to this post a day late) but I’m finally ready to share my little garden with you all!

1. The Tulips are coming! I planted some bulbs when I made my autumn planter last year and I can see their little shoots coming out. I imagine being in the container surrounded by other plants must have been warmer than being in the ground?

2. Is it prune time yet? Last year when I moved here I inherited some unidentified roses. I learned the skill of pruning last term in my RHS Level 2 horticulture course and I’ve been chomping at the bit to get my secateurs on them! I’m going to have a go at one tomorrow.

3. My lovely bird table. This was a birthday present from the lovely Anton and so far I’ve had a couple of magpies and the odd robin but not much else. I keep experimenting with different foods to see what they like. I learned recently that you have to keep it very clean too so I gave mine a good scrub this week.

4. A pink paradise! I’m amazed how much colour is still abundant in this planter I made last year. Those pink hypericum berries look fab and the cyclamen really pops.

5. My tiny greenhouse. This was reasonably easy to assemble and more spacious than I thought. I’m looking forward to getting some seeds in there in the next week or so.

6. My teeny tiny Christmas tree. I bought this on a whim last Christmas because it just looked so cute. I now need to research where to plant it and whether I should have it in a container or in the ground. As you can see in the background I don’t have loads of space so I’ll need to get creative I think!

Do you want to join in with Six on Saturday? Anyone who likes a bit of gardening can do it. Click here for more details on how!