How to… Chit potatoes

Have you ever dreamed about having potatoes in your garden? Imagine any time you fancied a spud; a hot baked potato with a crispy skin and melting butter, a creamy bowl of mash, or a firm new potato with that flakes its skin with every bite. It wasn’t until recently I learned that potatoes are pretty easy to grow. At this stage in the year we can start chitting the potatoes which basically means starting them off.

You will need:

A pack of seed potatoes (you can get these from garden centres, online and in some supermarkets)

A egg box or carton that has a similar shape

A sunny spot e.g. a windowsill

1. Open your potato pack and have a look at them

2. Pop a potato in each hole of the egg carton with the side that has the most “knobbly bits” up the top

3. Leave the potatoes in your sunny spot for a couple of weeks until little shoots start to appear.

And that’s it! Obviously there’s the next step of growing to do so stay tuned for a few weeks time. This is the fun bit, choosing your potato variety and watching them start their new life. I bought mine on a whim from B&Q and mine are all-rounder type potatoes but I’ll eat any of them!

Happy chitting!