How to… Put up a Nest Box

This week is National Nest Box Week and it is a week to encourage people to put up bird boxes in their gardens, local parks and nature reserves. This is the time of year when birds start coupling up and breeding so they need a place to nest and live for the season.

I was going to show you how to build a bird box but when I made it as part of my course we learned how to do it so quickly I didn’t have time to take photos or write down what happens when! Once I get my studio built (coming soon!) I will have another go at building one so I can post a How To on it.

You might think putting up a bird box is simply a case of finding a spot in your garden that looks pretty and just hammering in a couple of nails to secure it. But according to the RSPB there are a few things to consider to ensure good conditions for your feathered friends:

  • Boxes should be 2-4 metres up a tree, wall or fence.
  • They should face a North, North-East or East direction. This means they aren’t in the hottest of the sunlight nor the wettest of the winds.
  • Give your box a clear flight path so try not to have the entrance blocked by branches or other plants.

Depending on the birds you want to attract you can buy simple bird boxes online or from garden centres. I would recommend checking the box you have bought is made from responsibly sourced wood and is approved by a wildlife organisation.

Let me know how you get on with putting up your box. I’ve managed to pop mine on a fence as I was worried it’d get jumped on by cats in the area if I had it on a wall… I do hope we get a couple of tits in there!

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