First Clients, Storms and the Spring Equinox

Storm Gareth

The last couple of weeks have been dictated to me by the weather. Storm Gareth ruined my little plastic greenhouse not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES. The third time was last weekend and Ive been so disheartened it’s still lying flat on the ground.

The first time it fell I rushed out there and scrabbled to save everything I could. I’d lost about 3/4 of my seedlings. Luckily it being so early in the year, I only had tomatoes, sweet peas and aubergines.

The second time it fell I took a lot of care trying to salvage the quarter of stuff I’d saved last time. This time I’d definitely lost my tomatoes and aubergines and had barely any sweet peas. To stop it from falling again I pushed it as close to the wall as I could. I bought some pegs and hammered them all over the bottom to secure it and for the rest of the week, despite the 40mph winds it stayed put.

The third, and hopefully final, time it fell was something from a comic book I think. I literally looked at it and saw it was upright. Turned my head to put my kettle on, turned back and it was flat on the floor! I can’t face going out there and tidying up yet another disaster.

What have I learned from this experience?

1. Don’t put anything out there so early in the year

2. Just because it was sunny at the end of Feb it doesn’t mean spring is officially here

3. Try and dig into the ground where your greenhouse is and cover the bottom sides of plastic with soil or branches to stop wind coming in and lifting it!

First Clients

I now officially have two clients on my books for gardening, two clients for wedding flowers and 4 orders for Mother’s Day!

The gardening was fun but a lot more physically demanding than I realised it would be. The constant bending down, squatting and carrying things does end up taking its toll. Both jobs are general maintenance and tidying for some lovely people who physically can’t garden anymore and so if you know of anyone who could do with a little gardening and company every couple of weeks do let me know and I’d be happy to come and have a look.

My weddings are both next winter so while I’m coming up with loose plans and figuring out logistics (neither are in Bristol so I have to factor in where I will get my materials from) I’m not panicking about them right now.

As for Mother’s Day, I’m heading back to East Anglia where I’m originally from so I put some posts on Instagram for my Cambridge pals to see if anyone wanted one, seeing as I’m going to do one for my mum! My plan is to buy the flowers on Friday morning, drive to Cambridge that evening. Make the bouquets Saturday afternoon and deliver on Sunday morning. If you know anyone in the Cambridge/Newmarket area do let them know about me. I’ve got about 3 spaces left.

The Spring Equinox

This year was a very rare coincidence. We had a super moon (when the moon is closest to the earth) and a full moon (the March full moon is called the Worm Moon) that came out at the same time as the Spring Equinox (the day exactly halfway between the shortest and longest days of the year). This event will not happen again until 2144 so quite literally, a once in a lifetime experience. But it was too cloudy so I missed it…

Over the last couple of years I have become a lot more interested in these meteorological times of year and the link between these events and how we live. In a world full of instants and being able to eat strawberries practically all year round, it feels we are at a disconnect between the world just outside our back and front doors.

Even though it’s still cloudy and cold I do feel like spring is officially here now I’m more positive about what I’m doing and feel more hopeful. Not just for gardening but my whole career change too. I must remember this for next year that Jan/Feb is not the time to be forcing goals to come to fruition or planting things just because the seed packet says you can.

Jobs for the Weekend

  • plant shallots – Monty said to do it this weekend so I’m doing it
  • Pot dahlias – I bought about 5 from Seed Pantry last month so I’m excited to get cracking with those.
  • Dig out one more allotment plot.
  • Pick up my greenhouse and see what’s salvageable.

What are your weekend jobs?

1 Comment

  1. Oh great blog!
    We have dug in Winston early potatoes this week aka Monty!
    I’ve sown courgette seeds and also some annual climbers like Morning Glory and made another trip to Morrisons to buy inexpensive perennials and a couple of small shrubs for an area we had cleared in the autumn. But every job seems to generate another one!
    Good luck with your greenhouse, don’t give up xx


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